Authentic Enterprises


What is authenticity? Something that is real, derived from universal truth, based upon inner wisdom, after significant introspection and personal development providing a high-level of clarity from a grounded and connected place.

Something is not authentic just because someone strongly believes in it or is passionate about it or because they speak their mind. In a society in which we are bombarded by messages that (i) are intended to manipulate us to fulfill agendas of others for their own benefit, (ii) work to divide us to hold certain power structures in place, and (iii) sell fear and inadequacy of all sorts for the purposes of control, division, separation, profit and power, belief and passion often comes from outside influences, fear, indoctrination into certain social norms and many other sources outside of ourselves.

Although there is so much to distract us from it, the truth lies within. Connection to that truth comes from rigorous internal work and consistent practices that allow us to access that inner truth and the willingness to trust our inner wisdom despite significant external pressures to the contrary. When we connect to our inner truth, we connect to the universal truth that lies within all of humanity and we realize that we are one, that we all want to live in love and that separation is an illusion.

When we live authentically, we have the opportunity to manifest it daily in our lives, businesses, families and communities. In business, it includes operating – as Wallace Wattles teaches in the Science of Getting Rich – from the creative plane as opposed to the competitive plane. It is designing a life that honors each of our callings and trusting that we will be taken care of. It is having a generous spirit and openness to others with acceptance of their authentic selves. In negotiating, it means avoiding manipulation and games instead coming from a place of Clarity, Detachment and Equilibrium. In business dealings and relationships, it means creating a space of authenticity so we can be true to our values and visions always and so we support others in doing so as well. Businesses that encourage, foster and value authenticity thrive and will thrive even more as authenticity continues to become even more important in society and business.

Authentic Enterprises provides resources that help promote true authenticity in all aspects of life and business, which leads to significant measurable business results. In addition to your business being a true expression of you and your values, you will gain and maintain better client relationships and business partnerships, do better deals and be able to attract and retain great employees.

Authentic Enterprises offers speaking, training, and consulting services covering best practices for incorporating authenticity into the many facets of your business. Our presentation, training, and workshop topics include Authentic Negotiating, Authentic Deal-Making, Authentic Business Relationships, and Authentic Conversations About Difference.