The Authentic Negotiating Success Quiz

Chances are, everything you’ve been taught about what is most important to become a successful negotiator is wrong. Many believe negotiation can be learned as a skill — a set of techniques and tactics — but there is so much more to it than that. Many of these tactics are manipulative and even the good ones, while useful, are not at the core of true negotiating success.

True negotiating success comes from within, from a place of authenticity – being able to stay true to who you really are while also achieving your desired results. No matter who has the most leverage, makes the most logical argument or employs the best tactics in a negotiation (though, let’s be honest, all of that certainly helps), your own mental and emotional state is by far the most critical element in effectively closing a deal, negotiating a contract or resolving a dispute.

Take this quiz to discover if you’re an authentic negotiator, or if you need to do some tough inner-work to make a real impact on your success. Along with your results, you’ll receive exclusive, expert insight on authentic negotiating drawn from Corey’s new book, Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium – The Three Keys to True Negotiating Success & How to Achieve Them.

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