Authentic Negotiating

True negotiating success stretches far beyond any shortcuts, tactics, or counter-tactics that could be used to get ahead while making a deal. To negotiate authentically, you must do the extensive internal work required to prepare yourself for any negotiating situation.

Kupfer’s methods turn inward in order to harness Clarity, Detachment, and Equilibrium (CDE) to conduct thoughtful and successful negotiations. By thoroughly preparing yourself and staying authentic, you can achieve more of your goals in any negotiation, keep strong relationships with those you are doing deals with, and stay calm and focused throughout the entire process.

There is a lot of internal and external work that has to be done in order to master the CDE method of authentic negotiating. Through his presentations, Corey gives you the tools needed to approach all negotiations in a way that support you to get total clarity, stay detached to the outcome as every great negotiator does and not get thrown off or triggered during the heat of a negotiation.


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There are countless resources written on the art of the deal. Most of these still teach surface tactics and counter-tactics, which are often manipulative and, if not, while sometimes useful, not at the core of true negotiation success.

Corey Kupfer’s Amazon bestselling book, Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium, exposes the core of negotiation success and challenges you to do the tough internal work required to become a great and truly authentic negotiator. This is a guide on how to holistically approach a negotiation by preparing yourself from an internal emotional and intellectual standpoint because no quick tip, surface tactic or lazy shortcut will get you the negotiating results you want when it counts in important negotiations.

Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium focuses on key qualities of an expert negotiator that come from within. Kupfer has pinpointed three vital qualities that keep you in control in any negotiation, Clarity, Detachment, and Equilibrium (CDE). Through this book you will learn the benefits of the CDE approach, how to achieve and maintain these qualities and how doing so will increase your negotiating success exponentially.

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