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Deal bubbles in the Frenzied RIA M&A Market

By Kupfer Press | September 5, 2019

Charles Peikert interviewed some of the attending business leaders at the Echelon Partners’ annual Deals & Dealmakers Summit. “There’s a scarcity of good assets,” said Ed Swenson, COO of Dynasty Financial Partners, in an interview. “It’s like beachfront property. There’s only so much of it and everybody wants some. That scarcity leads to strong pricing.” […]

Why the $150 million Fiduciary Network lawsuit ‘could get very ugly’

By Kupfer Press | December 19, 2018

Charles Paikert‘s article in Financial Planning reminds us that deals don’t always end with feelings intact. The recent sale of Fiduciary Network and the following $150 million lawsuit by Mark Hurley against Emigrant Bank “could get very ugly and drawn out.” “This is a complex case that, if not settled sooner, could take at least […]

First Team on a New Platform Gets a Sweetheart Deal

By Kupfer Press | September 10, 2018

Charles Paikert of Financial Planning interviewed Corey Kupfer about Rockefeller Capital Management‘s acquisition of The Bapis Group. Rockefeller Capital did not disclose terms of the transaction, but industry M&A attorney Corey Kupfer thinks it may be a sweet deal for Bapis. “The Bapis Group had strong leverage with Rockefeller,” he says. “The first team on a […]

Business as usual for Schwab?

By Kupfer Press | May 2, 2018

In Keith Girard’s article on RIABiz, “What to make of a $239M-AUM RIA dwindling to $191M then suing Schwab for $100M as the alleged cause of the asset hemorrhage,” RIA custodian Schwab fired RIA Ed Butowsky based on a contract allowing undisputed firing and Butowsky’s firm got caught in the cross-fire of politics and alleged […]

3 Simple And Effective Steps To Dominate Negotiations

By Kupfer Press | April 17, 2018

Kevin Kruse from Forbes interviewed me about the nuances of Clarity, Detachment and Equlibrium and how authentic negotiating differs from traditional negotiating. I pointed out that even sophisticated people often go into multi-million dollar negotiations without the level of clarity that they should, and certainly without the level of clarity that I work with them on. […]

Merrill Lynch’s Client Transition Program is Under a Harsh Spotlight in Court

By Kupfer Press | February 13, 2018

Miriam Rozen‘s article in Financial Advisor IQ outlines the age discrimination suit filed by a 76-year-old former Merrill Lynch advisor and how wirehouses’ client transition programs are drawing criticism from all sides. Rozen writes, “Corey Kupfer of Kupfer & Associates in Rye Brook, N.Y., a lawyer who represents advisors, views skeptically the client transition programs and tags them as […]

3 Worst Salary Negotiating Techniques

By Kupfer Press | February 4, 2018

My article 3 Worst Salary Negotiating Techniques For Negotiating a Salary is a good reminder on things to avoid during a negotiation. Compensation can be a stressful topic and if you approach it form a scarcity mindset, you will never achieve the number you are striving toward. Avoid these three techniques if you want your […]

Six Main Reasons Why Negotiations Fail

By Kupfer Press | November 14, 2017

In Harvey Schachter’s article on The Globe and Mail, I shared my experience with the main reasons negotiations fail. Don’t make these common mistakes: Lack of preparation It’s vital you prepare externally, learning about market conditions, history, and other factors that might influence the deal. But you also need to prepare internally, knowing what your […]

New $11B RIA Aggregator Tries Divide-and-Conquer M&A Approach

By Kupfer Press | October 13, 2017

TORRANCE, Calif. — Wealth Partners Capital Group, a newly-formed RIA aggregator, is taking a triumvirate, divide-and-conquer, approach to mergers and acquisitions. Founded earlier this year by John Copeland, Rich Gill and Sean Bresnan, the executive team that ran the highly successful wealth management division of Affiliated Managers Group, Wealth Partners will pursue small and mid-sized […]

Understanding Dynamics of Corporate Dysfunction

By Kupfer Press | August 8, 2017

I joined Neil Senturia to discuss the dynamics of corporate dysfunction. Senturia asks, “Let’s assume for the moment that I am correct and that there is always one important, critical, bet-the-company decision that comes up to the board or the management team and they whiff on it. The question becomes: Can we identify it when […]