Kupfer & Associates PLLC

Strategists, Negotiators, and Dealmakers

Kupfer & Associates represents entrepreneurial and growing companies of all sizes across industries from startup through exit. Kupfer & Associates’ main focus is providing the legal insight and counseling needed to advance each client’s unique goals and business interests. As strategists, negotiators, and dealmakers we offer comprehensive guidance that takes into account the specific transaction or issue as well as the client’s current endeavors and future plans. In short, we are attorneys who think like business owners.

A firm equipped to provide support and advice during every aspect of a company’s life cycle, Kupfer & Associates offers a comprehensive list of services including entity formation and company structuring, contractual needs, deals including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and licensing deals, succession planning and implementation, trademark and related intellectual property needs, and real estate leasing and purchases. In the investment advisor industry, we support teams to move to independence and start their own firms, grow and exit, including all of the types of services we provide for clients in other industries and we structure new aggregator and service provider platforms.

Attorney Advertising

Please visit Kupfer & Associates’ website about the law firm including the states in which our attorneys are admitted to practice and to learn more about how we can be a key partner in your business growth.