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You strive to have a successful business, giving every ounce of energy you have to keeping it running smoothly day in and day out. What if there was one all-encompassing element that helped you to do better deals, resolve disputes and have better client relationships, business partnerships, and employee attraction and retention? What if this one thing also helped to highlight who you truly are as a person and let your core values shine through your business? Infusing your business and your life with true authenticity can do all of this and more.

Corey Kupfer speaks and leads workshops on the many aspects of authenticity in business at entrepreneurial, business, and securities industry conferences and events. Corey has the ability to give audiences the tools they need for a lifetime of smooth and successful negotiations, deals and business relationships in a keynote or breakout session or longer workshop format.

Corey’s approach will help you to bring unwavering authenticity to every aspect of your business, rooted in practical wisdom and thorough introspection. What makes Corey’s advice unique is its focus on self-reflection and internal preparation. Audience members walk away with the knowledge they need to fully prepare themselves for any negotiation, deal or dispute they could encounter, as well as the ability to create and maintain meaningful business relationships.

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True negotiating success stretches far beyond any shortcuts, tactics, or counter-tactics that could be used to get ahead while making a deal. To negotiate authentically, you must do the extensive internal work required to prepare yourself for any negotiating situation.

Kupfer’s methods turn inward in order to harness Clarity, Detachment, and Equilibrium (CDE) to conduct thoughtful and successful negotiations. By thoroughly preparing yourself and staying authentic, you can achieve more of your goals in any negotiation, keep strong relationships with those you are doing deals with, and stay calm and focused throughout the entire process.

There is a lot of internal and external work that has to be done in order to master the CDE method of authentic negotiating. Through his presentations, Corey gives you the tools needed to approach all negotiations in a way that support you to get total clarity, stay detached to the outcome as every great negotiator does and not get thrown off or triggered during the heat of a negotiation.

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Building authentic business relationship is about more than just honesty and transparency. In addition, there is a body of personal and internal work we must do to be able to know what is authentic for ourselves first. We also need to learn to develop the connections with others, build the trust and provide the example that leads to authentic business relationships. To do this at the highest levels, we need to break through anything that stands in the way of us being willing to connect with others, to show who we really are to them and give them permission and space to be who they truly are in the relationship.

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Authentic Conversations About Difference is the next step in building authentic business relationships. There are many differences that contribute to keeping business relationships inauthentic or surface. These can be based upon race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, culture, geography and many other things. Building deeper connections across difference or perceived difference at a level that is real, deep and, often, challenging is a frontier in building team, customer, vendor and other key stakeholders that will continue to become more and more crucial in our global economy and quickly diversifying business world. Corey applies the methodology he created for his Authentic Conversations About Race program to differences of various types. This methodology has been used with great success to facilitate deep, intimate and powerful conversations for business organizations, colleges (for students and faculty) and community groups including at the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa in 2001 in which black and white South Africans had one-one-one open, intimate and meaningful Authentic Conversations About Race not long after the fall of apartheid.

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