Corey Kupfer

Inspiring authenticity in business so companies profit and people prosper.

Meet Strategist, Negotiator and Dealmaker — Corey Kupfer

Corey Kupfer is an expert strategist, dealmaker and business consultant with more than 30 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney.

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Authentic Negotiating

Corey has been making deals and applying the art of authentic negotiating professionally for over 30 years as a successful business owner and lawyer. The system and advice in his book “Authentic Negotiating” is the result of Corey’s thousands of negotiations on behalf of clients, as well as his own deals. He also used this process to make a comeback after the Great Recession.

Authentic Deal-Making

Very few companies excel at making successful deals, but the ones that do have the opportunity for growth and success that is often greater than those of other companies that only develop through organic growth. Corey Kupfer knows what is takes to get good deals done and applies his deal-making expertise to advance clients’ business interests.

Authentic Business Relationships

The difference in a one-time business deal and a long-term business relationship is the way you treat others. We need to learn to develop connections and build on the trust that leads to authentic business relationships.

Are you ready to let your ego, insecurities, or other emotions go to create and maintain close business relationships?

Authentic Conversations about Differences

This is the next step in building authentic business relationships. Perceived differences stand in the way of great teamwork, better relationships and higher profits. Build deeper connections across difference or perceived difference—positively impacting the work of your team, customers, vendors and other key stakeholders.

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  • I just finished your book last evening in 2 sittings. It is by far the best book on negotiating that I’ve ever read. I could never buy into all the tacticians like the Karrass group I see in the airline mag’s etc. I bought two more copies on Amazon for my clients and I plan to give this one to my daughter.
    Brian Smith, Author of The Birth of A Brand — Founder of the UGG Austrailia brand
  • Authentic Negotiating is the best book on negotiating I have ever read (and I have read many, as a scaling coach and entrepreneur who devours business books!). Most people think negotiating is something you are "good at" or you are not. Corey pulls back the curtain on this myth and break down negotiating into manageable steps that anyone can take.
    Julia Pimsleur, Author of Million Dollar Women
  • I have never met anyone that I rate higher than Corey, as an attorney, a trusted advisor and as a wonderful friend. Corey is always there for his clients, friends and family and despite being one of the busiest people on earth, when you talk to Corey, he pays 100% attention to you, He goes out of his way to help and no one has more integrity than Corey.
    Larry Siegel, MBA

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